Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Oracular predictions of Boris's London

... the damned Home Counties, always London's bane, her worst enemies, her potentially deadly parasites. They're driving out most Londoners and taking over our houses, street by street ... Complaining all the time, these half-educated drones are filling up Fulham and Finchley with their stripped pine and snotty little ill-trained babies, taking over our resources, creating ghettos as they go. London will soon cease to be cosmopolitan. Those pale-faced parkers are all the bloody same ... They should be kept in reservations, limited to South Ken and to Chelsea, not encouraged to move into Clapham and Battersea and god knows where else. You hear them moaning about the people who were born there as if those were the interlopers. It's classic imperialism.
Moorcock, '88

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