Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Guard dogs are expensive

The hypnopompic message was received this morning, the picture was taken some months back on a dérive around the Olympics site.


martin marriott said...

Yeah, I recently found out there were anti-Chinese riots in the UK. Burnt out of places like Cardiff. Racism in the non-intellect runs very deep. Shit pops up for me, I can tell you, and I'm like WOAH! Where did that come from? Cos it pops up suddenly, and VERY firmly. Much more firmly than sexist statements, actually, for me.

martin marriott said...

Oops! I'm glad I went back to luck and gain, that is a pretty nice pun, the absurd and endless squabble between capitalist pigs about the need for 'Fur Trade.'

When is trade ever fur?

Of course, that's just my opium.