Friday, 30 May 2008

The Manufactory


martin marriott said...

Because it pops out soccer balls?

You're a seasoned heinious genius!

or you're just bizzarrrrre...

My first ever Saturday job as a kid was as a tray-boy at Old Trafford, every boy's dream, walking around the pitch with popcorn and such. I'll never forget my first day, getting my face covered in spit from the opposing fans. Ah, happy days!

Thankyou for sharing that, Martin

Paul Cowdell said...

The Man U Factory had never occurred to me, I must say, me supporting a completely different club and all, but I did actually have Manchester in my head when interpreting and posting this. Specifically I was thinking (as so often) of Engels and Salford.

martin marriott said...

Wow, cos I just read it that way, straightaway. the size of the brain. and it's black holes, you must of kinda somewhere known.

And funnily enough, tho I don't read Engels very much, I was reading The Wages System by him a coupla days ago. I was more startled than I should have been when he suddenly mentions a meetng he'd just attended at Salford Town Hall.

I know you guys go on street adventures. I bet a trip to the homes and haunts of Marx and Engels would be a land of discovery for political surrealists.