Monday 28 October 2013

Potato bridge

A molten eye of sand
slides into the water
Behind cataracts of geese
The green canal wrapped
in a wire crown

Thursday 29 August 2013

The Final Collapse

An excited and highly distempered ideality threw a sulphureous lustre over all
- Poe

Pulling down a black sheet of feathers
A wall of oiled tarpaulin like intercostal skin and scales

Battens between the mausoleums tremble

A diagonal fracture from wall to water
Crumbling powder from the roof beams
Where the purple birds hide

Dark beneath the floors
Above medallion stains in the ancestral mouldings
The separating pipes and tubes fill with footsteps
And falling forms of flooded flowers
Breathing hard like nails against the rippled metal

A glittering nightwinged beetle suddenly appears
Clattering, creeping and dying at my feet

There are no more muscle boundaries
My heart oesophagus lungs spleen kidneys liver brain stomach pancreas appendix gallbladder colon bladder glands and glands
Blur, fall together
Merge softly with the painful shudder of bones
The crepitus of masonry, the grate of flashing and metalwork
The rending of timber
and the howling of the displaced night fauna that were hiding all the time

And looking back into the marshy twilight
There is only now the glossy formless
Thing that remains
The ticking dials of the million faces now one
The shimmering shadow that rolls out
In every direction like a spilled cloud
Swamplight burning unseen beneath its impenetrable surfaces

Wednesday 24 July 2013

Monday 15 July 2013

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Saturday 6 July 2013

Mysteries of the Red Planet

MYSTERIES OF THE RED PLANET will bring together some of the results of SLAG's recent individual and collective experiments in automatism, trance work and mediumistic communication.

The exhibition will include a private view (with poetry reading) on Saturday 13 July, and an evening of Surrealist games on Tuesday 16 July. Entry is free.

Gallery Hours:
Saturday 13 July, 2-8pm

Sunday 14  July, 2-6pm

Tuesday 16  July, 4-10pm
SURREALIST GAMES start at 7.30pm

Wednesday 17 July, 4-8pm

Thursday 18 July, 2-6pm

Friday 19 July, 2-6pm


Masterman Road
Rear of 120 High Street South
East Ham
London E6 3RW

Tube - East Ham (District line) Beckton (DLR)
Bus - 115, 101, 104, 474, 58
Driving - A13 to A117
Cycling – Jubilee Greenway to Capital Ring (Red Door Studios is at the end of the Greenway) 

Map, directions, event updates and optional RSVP available on the Facebook event page.

Wednesday 17 April 2013

Monday 18 February 2013

Thursday 3 January 2013

Tightrope of our Hope

for Angye Gaona

Justice eats her own hands
and puts out her eyes

Doors and windows rust shut
as their white paint flakes off like bloodstains

Taste the copper snake-water
As it runs down the glass
and see the red-feathered daytime bats
As they circle the sealed room

We hold our breaths
inside the caskets full of water,
and Justice chokes on her bitten-off tongue

Already a draught of air
spiked with lemon and iron and the rustle of birds
Creeps through the cracks. It swells beneath us
lifting us off the ground
lifting us up
lifting us out and away