Wednesday 28 January 2009

All men of the health stuff

Greetings, I have learned an interesting thing
During many years our leading scientists developed ...
They feel more emotion
They feel more excitement
Expanding their circle

As my Friday
Treasure is within
His mart
I rise
Feeling real men
In popular men magazines
Here best that we can bring him pleasure

I wanna say this
Say no to all diseases!
Force men
Clear your life off any pains and illnesses
Give freedom to the desires
Health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die
If you die in an elevator, be sure to push the Up button

Tuesday 20 January 2009

There's nane that gaes by Carterhaugh

But they leave him a wad,
Either their rings, or green mantles,
Or else their maidenhead

Wednesday 14 January 2009

Friday 2 January 2009