Friday, 19 June 2009

A Message

Down on the broad Underground platform, the party was in full swing. There was a hubbub of chatter, the clink of glasses. I stood close to the wall, holding a glass of wine, when a tall figure in white came and stood in front of me. He wore long white robes, which were bound round the lower half of his face. On his head he wore a tight-woven cap of white ribbons. A good head taller than me, he looked down with his piercing dark eyes. Raising the forefingers of his right hand up to the level of my eyes, he said solemnly 'Don't forget. It's in the Second Manifesto'.

As his hand dropped again to his side, he began to fade, becoming transparent. From the midriff he slowly disappeared, and I could see the platform and the party through his form until there was nothing left there at all.


Shibek said...

Cryptic dream references to the 2nd Manifesto from this being with piercing dark eyes...sounds compelling. It brings to mind a dream from a few years ago: I was talking to Andre Breton somehow despite not knowing French, while he relaxed on the side of a large pool. Someone who seemed to be the stalinist of the dream showed up across the pool and said 'from now on, all protests are counter-revolutionary!' This made Andre swim with startling speed over to the person as if to confront him. I saw that Breton was part fish with a merman tail, and I inferred that's why he was staying in the pool.

Anonymous said...

Would be better if you omitted the word "left" in the last sentence.