Wednesday, 16 April 2008

They had abandoned their craft and were making their way inland


martin marriott said...

Tell them to get their cute alien butts over to the U.S. for the MayDay Marches for Immigrant Rights. There's over 200 Marches planned so far, so they're shore to swim in to some other very ennervating aliens.

On a personal knight, I mused to be a poet, but then I abandoned my croft.


My verification code for this postin is 'lvzvu'

Luvs you. So make of that what you wish!

martin marriott said...

I'm only adding this because the verification code popped up for if I wanted to post another. I didn't, until I saw the code was 'pzngf'

peace and good fortune.

Too much! I'm outta here!


(No, it's not Peas and good farting. That's just your projection.)

martin marriott said...

Now it says 'dymznxz'

Dimes in excess!

Witch reminds me -- I should go and earn some money! Adios!